Catching Fish in Poker

There are lots of fish in poker and Doyle Brunson was one of the first one to watch them and catch some of the big ones. Patrik Antonius is another player, much younger, who loves to catch fish at the poker tables. And both have been doing very well at it, catching millions of dollars in the process.

Patrik is a great guy. He has two passions in life: catching fish and playing cards. And he is good at both. In fact he is good at any poker variation, and if you challenge him he will always answer with a bet that he can beat. This is in his blood. Playing with a fish, he would raise early in the game in order to impose his tempo and constantly put them under pressure.. This is the best way to catch the biggest fish at the poker table. He will follow all the way to the river if necessary.

Many of my relatives love to play cards. I guess there is not much else to do when you reach a certain age. Some are over seventy years old, but despite their age they remember a lot of card tricks and there are hard to beat. They play mostly gin rummy, and also a bit of baccarat, even some blackjack and poker. But they do not play for money, just for the fun.

They use chips to play but they are worth one cent each, just to spice it up a bit. This way they cannot lose their shirt. They are good at Texas Hold’em and Stud poker in particular. Stud poker and gin rummy are the games of the old generation, now people play mostly texas holdem. My relatives really love to play cards.

Some excel at rummy, one of their favorite games of cards. They also play poker, but not as well, just decent players. Some are very smart people, so be careful of their deceiving looks if you meet them.

It seems that nowadays poker is getting more and more popular, especially on the Web, whereas older people like them still play gin rummy, a game for retired people. In fact retired people play old sorts of card games, including poker and even poker online. But they do not play it the same way the new generation is playing.

The way to win online is to be very aggressive and this is more suitable for younger people. At a certain age, people tend to behave more gently and ultra-aggression does not fit their temper. This is why online poker remains dominated by the younger ones. Of course Texas Holdem is the most favorite poker variation of poker, and aggression is absolutely necessary to win online.

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