Canadian Players’ EcoCard Casino List

EcoCard is EcoPayz’s online payment solution in sg online casino 711 Kelab. The sending and collecting of money in a large number of currencies is a simple, scalable and straightforward method. EcoCard is not only ideal for private clients, but also for company owners. You will keep track of your savings and expenses and ship money in a matter of minutes around the world.

The service’s name comes from the EcoPayz team’s commitment to emphasise two key reasons. First and foremost, EcoCard is intended as an affordable payment option and secondly to help more people understand the value of environmentally sound Issues.

Besides making online transactions, EcoCard is also a popular way to deposit funds into a favourite online casino. The protection it ensures is what makes EcoCard so famous. Technically, no classified information is needed to be disclosed. 

You should highly encrypt both your personal and bank information and rely on the absolute secrecy of all transactions. Wherever MasterCard is approved, you can either buy an Ecolabel Plastic and use it to be a standard debit card, or you can choose an EcoCard Virtual and use it for the purpose of online buying and making deposits.

Eco account development

You must enter some simple information about yourself and choose your username and password in order to build an Eco account. As an activation key is sent to you, it is necessary to enter a valid email address. As soon as you click on a confirmation page, you will be able to log into your EcoCard account. 

You will be able to attach your credit card directly to your Eco account and start spending and depositing funds at a favourite casino. All the goods supplied by EcoPayz can be found below. They each have special features tailored to suit each EcoCard holder’s busy lifestyle.


EcoCard offers you all the features you need from a normal debit card, but the difference is that you have complete leverage of your expenditure. You can only spend what you loaded on your EcoCard. You will use it anywhere you accept MasterCard. By moving money from your Eco account, you can upgrade your EcoCard. Basically, the EcoCard does not share your individual bank account, which makes shopping over the Internet both easy and fully safer.

Eco virtual card 

The ecoVirtual card, which allows consumer to safely pay on the Internet, is another easy payment service offered by EcoPayz. The ecoVirtual card can only be purchased for one order. In other words, you can deposit funds into your favourite online casino or buy from an online retailer, and the card stops, removing the possibility of losing or stolen. Where Master Card can be approved, you can use the ecoVirtual card. There are three currencies – GBP, USD and EUR – for EcoVirtualcard. It provides stability, safety, privacy and simplicity. You may not need to connect or disclose sensitive details with your credit or debit card.

Mobile app eco pays 

The mobile app introduced by ecoPayz is a great option for all people who are ongoing but who do not ever compromise on online payments’ protection and quality. The software helps you to still have access to your funds. You can download and update the Android app or that is compatible with iOS smartphones, depending on the handset you have.

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